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What's Happening In Landscaping: Beneath a deck, a patio begins to take shape!

Updated: Mar 1

Pittsford patio installation in February? Absolutely, Rochester Landscape Designs works throughout the year, including winter months! Thirty degree temperatures aren't bad really when you're busy installing a landscape project! Not every day is workable, but most days that get up above freezing are as good as any spring day for installing a patio. Why would a homeowner undertake a winter landscape project? We offer a 20% discount off projects that sign and begin installation between December and April. Patios, walls, walkways, plant pruning and lighting are typically what we contract during these months.

Project Landscape Design request in December 2018.
Project Consultation and Design request in December 2018.

Ellicott Residence - Pittsford

Project Description: Homeowner's back yard is a great sledding hill but not optimum for an outdoor patio and entertainment area. One exception, under the deck! The homeowners asked us to create a design that successfully completes their wish list. Our design needed to connect the existing overhead deck with the lower house foundation sliding door and create an awesome new patio to entertain on!

Homeowner's design wishes:

  • Firepit

  • Hottub

  • Sitting Walls

  • Large Patio Area to Entertain

Our Design Concept:

3D patio landscape plan in Pittsford
3D Patio and Landscape Plan for Ellicott Residence

3D Design of New Fire Pit and Sitting Walls
3D Design of New Fire Pit and Sitting Walls

How It Was Built: Work on this landscape began the first week of February 2019, weather in the upper 30's, completion set for mid March, we couldn't work for two weeks during the Arctic cold that has been active over the month of February. The patio is 750 square feet project includes constructing, 20' sitting wall, 16' retaining wall, fire pit and the electrical hook-up for new spa.

Materials used in construction included:

  • Concrete slab style pavers by Cambridge, Ledgestone XL: color mix of Toffee Onyx Lite and Montauk Blue.

  • Wallstone by Techo Bloc, Mini Creta: champlain Grey and Shale Grey mix.

  • Fire pit kit from Techo Bloc,

  • All walls capped with 12" wide Limestone.

Progress Update:

  • Grades set, soil excavated and gravel base installed- first week of February.

  • Walls being installed last week of February.

Slope and patio being excavated.
Slope and patio being excavated.

Gravel Base Installed.
Gravel Base Installed.

New Retaining Wall Completed.
New Retaining Wall Completed.

Project completed!



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