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Your walk and patio's layout, style and the selected materials is  often the most important design element of a residential landscape design. As we begin the early planning on our client's properties. The front walk and backyard patio is always the first aspect of a design we concentrate on.  Every element of the landscape plan that follows, such as planting beds, lighting, walls and lawn grades are directly influenced by the walk and patios layout.  


Material choices, construction detailing and the hardscapes square footage will often be the biggest expense within a landscape's cost.  For the last 25 years we have been involved with the design and installation of residential patios and walkways! Whether you're looking for a new custom designed outdoor space, or just looking to expand or repair your existing patio, Rochester Landscape Designs, Inc. has the team that can help you get the job done right and within your defined budget!

Our Walkway and Patio Process

The designers of Rochester Landscape Designs, Inc. have extensive knowledge of all the products available for your outdoor patio and walkway. We often install concrete pavers, bricks and manufactured stone on our landscape projects. There is a variety of natural stone types to choose from also, including flagstone, slate, bluestone and limestone.

We choose not to install poured and stamped concrete though, but we will certainly design and plan for this method if our client prefers. We can help in getting a few estimates from contractors that pour and stamp concrete. Our detailed walkway and patio design will  aid in the pricing! Once the perfect material for your project is selected, we will begin working on all the construction details and finalizing the pricing of the landscape installation.

Home Consultation

We will meet you at your home for a consultation to discuss possible patio and walkway ideas. We will evaluate locations, project scale, materials and budget constraints to help determine the best solution!

Selection of Project Materials

At our site meetings, many questions will be asked about materials  that you like or dislike. We will offer literature from the best paver companies product lines and make suggestion as to color, patterns and textures that will work with your design and style!

Schedule Your Project

The  next step is to take all discussed ideas from our site meeting and finalize your estimate. Upon approval, we will get your landscape scheduled for installation! We tend to have backlogs of several weeks during the spring and summer seasons, so we encourage you to contact us early so that we can begin the design right away!

Installation of Your New Hardscape

The  final step is to break ground on your new walkway or patio. Our skilled crews will layout  and install your project following all the measurements and specifications established on the project design and estimate.  Site visits to check details and quality will be made several times during the installation of the project by your designer!

Enjoy The Benefits Of A Professionally Designed Patio and Walk

Installing a patio or walkway on your home can be one of the larger investments you will make on your property. With a professionally designed patio by Rochester Landscape Designs, Inc. it is our goal to create the the ideal outdoor space to entertain all your family and friends! The first step is the creation of a patio or walkway landscape plan.  A well thought out plan will offer many advantages.


  • A unique space that blends all your wishes to your home and existing site features.

  • Define the landscape budget and stick within it.

  • A well designed and visually appealing outdoor space will increase the value of your property.

  • Expand your homes living space and extend your spring, summer and fall by moving indoor activities outside.

  • Cooking outside on the grill is just better tasting than on the stove and microwave oven!

  • Grab your favorite drink and a steak, and head out back to your custom designed patio. Sounds pretty nice, right?


Are you interested in Patio or Walkway design?

Contact us today and one of our designers can stop by your house to offer you ideas during your complimentary consultation. Please fill out our request form and we will contact you shortly!