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A Photo Realistic Representation Of Your Rochester, NY Landscape Design!

What if you could experience your new landscape design with a three dimensional view and not have to guess what the material selections, colors and design layout will look like?  Our goal at Rochester Landscape Designs is to help you to understand precisely what your landscape design will look like after the final installation are complete!

That’s the idea behind the 3D Design program. We can create extremely detailed 3D graphics illustrating what your project will end up looking like upon completion. You’ll also be able to see how your project would fit in with the surrounding features on your property. If you're not sure whether your new deck color would look best with beige, brown or grey planking, we can generate a 3D version with each color shown to help you decide! If you check around, you'll find that Rochester Landscape Designs, Inc. is one of the very few companies offering 3 Dimension computer aided landscape design!

Our 3D Landscape Design Process

A full hand drawn site design of your property, which may include walks, patios, pools, plantings and lighting. The cost range for a property design is between $300-500. We will give you a detailed description of our design services during the complimentary at home landscape design consultation.


3D designs have expanded details and offer visual features not possible with 2D hand drawn plans. 3D design is more time consuming on our end to develop, but he time we spend on the your designs development and the layout of features will save you on lost time, last minute design decisions and possible aggravation once your project begins the installation phase. All design fees are quoted to you prior us beginning the plan and we would only commence with your approval to do so!

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After consulting at your home, we will have a good understanding of the proposed landscape project, we often can quote the landscape work at your initial meeting with us. This will be typical for smaller improvements and maintenance type of quotes. For larger improvements, such as pools, patios, outdoor kitchens and plantings, a landscape design will be the best option to proceed.


A professionally developed plan by Rochester Landscape Designs will offer you many advantages! You will be part of the creative approach we take with your landscape project. We develop the design in close contact with your ideas! A design concept can often be revised several times before the final version is approved. A 3D comprehensive design will help to assure that your project a stress free installation. The design will aid in materials selections, colors used in the landscape and help to better understand the vertical features your the design. 


We will offer our landscape proposal to you that lists a step by step format that we will follow designing your landscape. There are many tasks that we can complete for you if requested. Such as: 

  1. Building Permits: We will help you with your town's Building Department requirements and get the permits approved, such as, patio, deck and swimming pool permits.  Occasionally a project may also require a variance, in these instances, we also can help with the approval! 

  2. Material Selection: We will meet with you at building, landscape and plant suppliers to offer our recommendation on what materials to consider for your landscape design.

  3. Budget Preparation: We will breakdown your design to establish what the material costs are and the projected labor costs associated with installing each landscape feature.

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 The Advantages of  Computer Aided  Design 

This is a diverse program with several landscape design features that hand drafting can not compete with. Here are a few of the things our 3D Design program can do for you today.

  • 2D Design: Similar to designing with paper and pencil, but with the use of our landscape design software, your design's view has so much more flexibility! Offering fully colored and rendered graphics to aid in your decision making. If you aren't sure what size the patio should be, we can create several unique options and we will never have to use an eraser! Designs can still be printed in blueprint format or easily saved as a JPEG file for quick email attachments and long term design storage.

  • 3D Design: Once the landscape designs layout and the home dimensions are plotted into the program, we now establish the vertical heights and assign textures and colors to all of the design elements. Now we can view your design as a three dimensional picture!  It's very helpful working this way, as landscape scale, sizes of objects and locations of design features are easily viewed. This level of detail will have effect on layout decisions and design options. This level of visual information is not possible with 2 dimension plan views.

  • Water Features: Thinking about installing a water feature this year? If so, we can show you exactly what your pool, hot tub, pond or waterfall will look like in your backyard. We can add lighting effects, seasonal effects, water jets, steam and even the pool toys!  In video mode, the water even moves realistically, giving you an extremely accurate representation of what your pool or water feature will look like. If you want to show the design to family and friends, we can upload to You Tube or send you a movie video for viewing on your PC!

  • Time of Day Lighting:  The software enables you to see your landscape at any time of day. Morning, high noon or even at dusk when the lights pop on!  Viewing your landscape at peak darkness allows you to see the effects of low voltage lighting around your pool, patio, walkway and plantings If you want to see how it might look to uplight your favorite tree in the backyard, we can give you a computer generated picture that will answer the questions.


  • 3D Fly Through Mode: Look down from above, or take an eye-level look. Our design software lets you observe your landscape design from all angles, improving your understanding of the overall design and how it implements with your home and property! 

Budgeting & Installation

Once a signed proposal is submitted, our production team will begin to schedule your project, obtain any necessary permits, and order materials. Before any work begins, your project's designer will arrange a meeting on site, as needed, with you in order to assure a smooth order of events during the construction phases. During the course of the project, we encourage our clients to ask questions routinely.  


Revisions and adjustments can be made during the project but all additional work needs approval by the homeowner through the use of change order contracts.  At completion of your project, you will be presented with a closing package to include a copy of your plan and contract, all care guidelines, warranty information, product information, as well as any project specific information that may prove important.

Design Services Offered:

  • Landscape Master Plans.
  • Walkway & Patio Plans.
  • Landscape Planting Plans.
  • Landscape Lighting Plans.
  • Detailed Pool Design.
  • Deck Design.
  • Layout Plans for permit approval.
  • Perennial Garden Layout Plans.
  • Fencing Design & Layout.
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Would You Like A 3D Landscape Design Consultation?

Contact us today and one of our designers can stop by your house to offer you ideas during your complimentary consultation. Please fill out our request form and we will contact you shortly!

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