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Designing Your Rochester, NY Inground Swimming Pool!

Having your dream backyard oasis, complete with swimming pool, outdoor kitchen and a awesome entertainment space for friends and family does not happen without a good deal of planning and a creative design that establishes well developed Master Plan. Several of the Rochester, NY pool companies will install a great pool, but very few spend even a thought about the pools placement into an overall backyard entertainment space and garden. Asking for guidance with a patio designed around the pool or any other design feature and you will most likely be told to have your landscaper figure it out.

Rochester Landscape Designs, Inc. has the ideas for your dream pool!  Before you dig that big backyard hole, contact us first.  We have the education, experience and knowledge to plan out the best pool shape to fit your backyard.

We start with a landscape master plan that integrates your swimming pool with the many other aspects of the landscaping, such as: patios, walks, steps, walls, plantings, fencing, grading, drainage, and landscape lighting, to name a few.


Installing a new inground pool is a large investment, but the pool installation will also have additional expenses that should be discussed before installing your new pool. In order to develop an accurate budget, these additional details should always be thought about, such as:

  • The type of pool (Liner, Fiberglass or Gunite concrete).

  • Heater and filter location.

  • Convenience electrical outlets and lighting around your pool.

  • Fence and gate layout/style.

  • Concrete vs. paver decking around the pool, sitting areas and patio space.

  • Landscape around your pool.

  • Gravel, stone, mulch or plants around the pool fence.

  • Pool companies usually will not repair your damaged lawn from the pool installation. It's important that you factor the cost of topsoil, grass seed and labor associated with the lawn repair for budgeting the true costs of your new pool.

Home Consultation

We will meet you at your home for a consultation to discuss pool styles, fencing, entertaining ideas, material selections and project budgeting!

Defining Your Pool & Landscape Goals

At our site meetings, many questions will be asked about your pool project's scale, styles, materials and features that you like or dislike. We will establish a list of requirements that will help us to better understand your pool thoughts & wishes!

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Create the Pool & Landscape Design

The  next step is to take all discussed ideas from our site meeting and put pencil to paper! We will prepare a to scale Master Plan that details our pool design & solutions!

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Prepare the Pool & Landscape Estimate

The  final step is to develop a pricing, and material breakdown of your pool design. Finalizing material selections, quantities and sizes of site element. Both material and project labor is listed in our landscape estimates so that you have complete understanding of all work we have proposed!

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Our Pool Design Process

Pool Location: During the on site meeting with you, we will ask several questions as we learn about what you would like to accomplish around your backyard swimming pool.  Would you like to maximize lawn areas, develop entertaining areas,  install a hot tub, fireplace or kitchen? Second, we evaluate existing site conditions, such as lawn grades, sun patterns, and views. Third, we research town building restrictions on your property, such as setbacks and easements. With all this information, we can now begin a landscape master plan that locates your new swimming pool in the most ideal location. 


Site Features & Locations: Our Design will map all aspects of the swimming pool layout and surrounding site features. There are many important factors to address when adding a new swimming pool, such as grading, drainage, patios, walkways, steps, plant selections, privacy and lawn areas.


Swimming Pool Design Options: We can prepare different design options for your swimming pool,  such as the pool shape, location and features like entry steps or seating ledges. We can develop a few different landscape layout plans and you can select your favorite! Each design option will be presented with a budget, so you can make an informed decision on how you would like to proceed.

Establishing Your Budget: The design phase is when we determine your budget. When designing your swimming pool and the surrounding landscape with Rochester Landscape Designs Inc., we explore a variety of design and material options so you can feel confident on your final selections.


Construction Phase: We handle all the aspects of the pool and landscape installation, so you don’t have to! A swimming pool and the surrounding landscape comes with many moving parts, from preparing the layout drawings, to obtaining the required permits, to scheduling multiple contractor's start times. We will handle all aspects of your project and keep you informed all the while!

Smooth Transition:  The installation of a swimming pool, fencing and landscape can take several months to complete.  Many questions along the way will arise as the work is installed. With a detailed Master Plan of your new pool in hand, your project will start on time, stay on budget and finish in a timely manner! We will be there each day as the work progresses. Upon completion and in the years that follow, we hope to continue our relationship and the friendship that often arises from working though a project together!

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Would you like a Swimming Pool Consultation?

Contact us today and one of our designers can stop by your house to offer you ideas during your complimentary consultation. Please fill out our request form and we will contact you shortly!

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