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Property Maintenance

Everyone loves the look of a freshly maintained landscape! To achieve this manicured look takes effort, experience and a landscape crew with the desire to be the best in Rochester! Every landscape is unique, some have an abundance of plantings, yet others have mainly hardscape and gravel beds. Every style of landscape requires specific services performed at various times to keep the landscape looking fresh with happy and healthy plantings. During your on site consultation, our experienced landscape professionals will offer you a descriptive listing of the recommended maintenance services, a work timeline and the cost associated with each service. Basic services may include the pruning of existing plantings to control growth, while encouraging flowers and long term health. Top dressing your plantings with a choice of double-ground black or brown mulch to enhance the beds and control summer weeds. Restoring the color of your patio or walkway with a thorough cleaning and power washing.  Find out how Rochester Landscape Designs can help maintain your landscape this season!

Types of Property
Care Services!

  • Spring, Summer & Fall Maintenance: Rochester Landscape Designs can help remove and clear away dead plants, grasses, perennials and branch debris left over from winter and help prune and shape your plants so they look their best! We’ll not only remove the dead leaves from your landscape beds but any other debris we find as well, giving your ornamental plants room to grow.  Maintenance may be completed once per year, or several times during the growing season, depending on level of need.

  • Monthly Visits: If you don’t have the time to maintain your landscape, we can do the job for you! We’ll visit once a month, removing weeds, pruning, collecting debris and keeping your yard healthy.

  • Tree & Shrub Pruning: Skilled pruning practices will keep your landscape plants healthy by removing dead wood and diseased branches before wood rot sets in. We can monitor plants for disease and pest infestations as well. Removing dead branches will allow for improved sunlight and the plant will respond by producing new growth and better flowering.

  • Plant Rejuvenation: If your landscape and property appear overgrown and messy, don’t hesitate to ask us about our rejuvenation services.  We can bring your plants back to life or make recommendations on specific plant removals and replacements with superior plant varieties.

  • Lawn repair: We can repair winter grass rot, snow plow  damage, erosion from rain and melting snow, areas of standing water or soggy soil where grass is thin, matted grass, improve compacted soil or correcting poor soil conditions. If you want your grass to be weed free, thick as a carpet and green like a golf course, we can get to the bottom of what's causing your existing lawns problems.   

  • Drainage: Are there areas in your landscape where water always collects? Often improperly pitched walks and patios that have settled over the years will collect water and deposit dirt and silt on primary walking surfaces. We can offer ideas on how to improve drainage, such as paver resetting, adding downspout extensions and correcting back pitching planting beds. If your basement is wet in the spring, often the cause of the problem can be found just outside the foundation walls.

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Residential & Commercial Maintenance

  • Seasonal Service Contracts Available.
  • Weed Control in Planting Beds.
  • Planting Bed Edging & Mulching.
  • Tree & Shrub Pruning.
  • Patio & Walkway Power Washing. 
  • Removals of Unwanted Site Elements.
  • Plant Transplanting.
  • Plant Fertilization.
  • Disease & Pest Identification.

Hardscape Repairs & Maintenance!

Have an existing patio or walkway that needs some repair? We excel in the proper repair & maintenance of your existing walkways, patios, steps and walls. Do you have settled pavers, missing sand in paver joints, walls falling over? We not only have the proper tools for the job, but also the knowledge and experience to properly repair all landscape problems!

Landscape Maintenance by Rochester Landscape Designs
Landscape Design Services by Rochester Landscape Designs, Rochester, NY

Would you like a quote for Landscape Maintenance?

Contact us today and one of our designers can stop by your house to offer you ideas during your complimentary consultation. Please fill out our request form and we will contact you shortly!

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