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6 reasons to plan your landscape this winter

Updated: Mar 5, 2019

It may only reach 30 degrees during a typical Rochester winter day, but did you know that January through March can be the best time to design your spring or summer landscape project!

Here are six great reasons to plan ahead this winter:

  • Time is on your side: In the landscape industry, the phone starts ringing almost immediately with the first hints of spring. Requests for estimates, consultations and landscape designs come from every angle it seems. By April, no matter how long of a day you work as a landscape designer, you always hit a point where it's impossible to keep up with the requests. When a landscape design is completed in February though, as a designer you can spend the required time and really develop your ideas. In spring it will be necessary to be complete the design in much less time. With a detailed landscape plan in hand, your projects can be scheduled for early spring completion! Additionally, plant availabilities are best in April, as many specimen tree varieties will sell early and become difficult to find during the summer months.

  • Improved Site Analysis: During the fall and winter months it seems to rain or snow every other day in Rochester. Walking a property during the wet season allows the designer to evaluate many important conditions on your property that will influence the layout of your landscape design. Perhaps you have water collecting at your homes foundation that needs to be corrected. Or you may have erosion issues from that will need a retaining wall or drainage pipe to correct. During the summer months these problems may not be issues and can be overlooked in the landscape design.

  • Better Plant Selections: If your landscape calls for larger plant material, such as dogwoods, redbuds, evergreens, maples, birch or oak trees, March and April are the best months to reserve unique varieties and larger sized trees at plant nurseries. The best looking trees are tagged early and sold for early spring installations. Once the trees sell off, many of the varieties that are available in early spring will not be restocked until the fall.

Arborvitaes ready to sell in late March! They will be hard to locate in the summer months.
Arborvitaes ready to sell in late March! They will be hard to locate in the summer months.

  • Early Job Completion: Planning in winter months will enable your project to be ahead of the spring landscape rush. With your project planned and budget in place, work on your landscape can begin as soon as weather conditions allow. The crews of Rochester Landscape Designs will often complete projects during the months of winter when weather stays above freezing for a period of days. Patios, walkways and walls can be installed during the cold months with excellent results and discounted prices! It's important to remember that most contractors book projects six to ten weeks in advance by spring. You will get a jump on all other projects that have been scheduled and will have a completed landscape that's ready to enjoy all spring, summer and fall!

Annual flower arrangements are available in the spring and will add plenty of summer color to your landscape!
Annual flower arrangements are available in the spring and will add plenty of summer color to your landscape!
  • Enjoy the Spring Flowers: If you love flowers in the spring, you need to schedule now. Spring-blooming plants need to be planted in early April. Most annual flower varieties, like geraniums, petunias and impatiens are not available come the summer. Installing beds early allow for annual flower color to enhance your summer landscape as well!

  • Save Money: Developing a detailed landscape design over the winter will save you money! During the off-season, there is more time to work ideas that meet or come in below budgets. Booking projects before the busy season will let you shop around and get estimates from different companies. Discounts of up to 20% are available on work signed prior to March 31 with Rochester Landscape Designs! Once spring hits, landscapers quickly become overbooked and begin increasing bid prices. Material costs also tend to increase as the demand drives inventory shortages,

Planning your spring landscape project early is the key to beautiful results. Make sure your planning and design work is completed before spring arrives. You’ll be at the beginning of the schedule for installations and work can begin early because you planned ahead! Contact Glenn of Rochester Landscape Designs at 585-645-3182 and schedule your free landscape consultation!

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